The Yoga Journey

It doesn't matter which road you take, the destination is the same. More important though than the destination is to enjoy the journey itself.....

There are so many different types of yoga one can practice and it seems as if every week a new studio comes into being.

It's wonderful to have choice and options as it's crucial that you give yourself the freedom to experiment with what makes your body and spirit smile.

The joy, peace and energizing effect of your yoga practice will create a lifelong devotion and discipline. 


For a better understanding of present moment awareness, I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's books The Power of Now or One Good Earth.  

John Kabat Zinn is another of my favorite authors on Mindfulness. His ebook, Whereever You Go There You Are, is packed with eternal wisdom. Below is his video on Mindfulness For Beginners. 

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