A yoga mat bag is similar to a gym bag in that it is designed to bring your yoga mat from home to the yoga studio instead of workout essentials to the gym. 

It works as a carrier, which means you won't be struggling with the mat all day if your yoga session isn't until later in the day.

There are mat bags for everyone, ranging from a sling-style bag to a duffel-style tote that can also contain your yoga clothes.

Don't want to wear a bag with a strap across your chest? Choose a tote mat bag. Prefer to wear a hands-free bag? Choose a model with shoulder straps.

But before you go into which yoga mat bag appears to be the most durable and easy to maintain, consider the following features:

  • The yoga bag's material (nylon, canvas, cotton, linen, hemp)
  • The bag's measurements
  • The construction of the bag
  • The length of the rolled-up mat
  • The benefit you can derive from it.

Continue reading to learn about the best yoga mat bags on the market and which yoga mat bag would be perfect for you. 

What Should You Check in a Gym Bag or Yoga Mat bag?



You need the best yoga mat bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and enough room for your rolled-up mat, yoga towel, and a water bottle.

Your yoga gym bag should have adjustable straps (exterior straps are even better), durable canvas, and should be large enough to fit the required items inside comfortably.  


Yoga mat bags come in various styles, including backpacks, totes, duffel bags, bucket bags, and more. Each style has advantages and disadvantages. 

For instance, backpacks and other bags with two straps are more comfortable to carry since the weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders, and larger bags, such as duffels and totes, can usually hold more gear.

However, roomy or large bags can be inconvenient to carry, while backpacks might not have enough space. 

Also, keep a close eye out for pockets and zippers. Bags with several pockets make it simple to arrange your belongings, while zippered bags keep your belongings safe.



Yoga mat bags should be long-lasting, breathable, and easy to clean. So, look for weather-resistant, durable materials that withstand wear and strain. 

Also, pay attention to airflow: Proper ventilation will prevent foul odors and bacterial growth. 

Finally, make sure you read the care directions. You'll want a yoga bag that's either machine-washable or effortless to wipe clean because workout equipment may get somewhat dirty.


When shopping for the best yoga mat bags, choose something easy to transport. Pay attention to the bag's design: Is it slim or heavy in appearance? Also, look at the straps: How many shoulder straps does it have, and are the straps padded?

Top Mat Bags for Yoga in 2022


Here are our top picks of the best yoga mat bags: 

The Manduka Go Light Yoga Mat Carrier Bag keeps you ready for brief drop-in workouts at any moment. With a big, lined yoga mat compartment, an internal pocket for belongings, and several carry choices, it is one of the best yoga mat carriers on this list. 

It is suitable for most mid-sized yoga mats and has a shoulder strap that you can easily adjust for comfort when traveling to your yoga class. The side strap also makes it easy to carry to classes. 

The fabric used to make the yoga mat is water-resistant, so it can withstand wear and tear, giving you years of durability. 


  • Made of tough, water-resistant fabric
  • Internal pocket
  • Several carry choices
  • Easy to pack


  • No interior zipper pocket

The Hugger Mugger Yoga Bag is popular because of its rich colors, affordability, and practicability. It can fit most yoga mats and will provide a splash of color to your yoga practice. 

It's easy on the eyes and shoulders!

The Batik Yoga Bag is manufactured from 100% cotton, a full-length zipper, an easily adjustable strap, a roomy zippered compartment, and a spacious interior zipped pocket for keys and small items. 

The colors and patterns on this bag are stunning, lively, and multi-colored — patterned liberally with flowers and other embellishments. 

The mat bag is available in a few different patterns and color combinations. Some color selections include Water Garden, Tipsy Tangerine, Multi Purple, Earthy Daisy, and Forest Rain. All these patterns appeal to the eye, so you can't go wrong! 


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • It comes with adjustable exterior straps
  • Can pack a lot of stuff
  • Available in several unique patterns and colors 


  • Not suitable for long-distance travel
  • Breathability can cause germ build-up

Carry your yoga mat with you in a bag that combines breathable mesh with increased mobility. The Manduka Breathe Easy Yoga Mat Bag is compact and lightweight, and its thin, sleek, straightforward design allows you to take your exercise practice to your yoga class or wherever else you go.

The mat bag fits any small to medium-sized yoga mat comfortably, including the Manduka PROlite, eKO Lite, and eKO SuperLite yoga mats. 

The lightweight synthetic mesh provides simple in and out options, while the contoured zipper runs the length of the whole bag, making for quick entry and exit. It is made with minimal materials to reduce wastage and stay sturdy enough to last a long time, keeping the product out of the landfill as long as possible.

The Manduka Breathe Easy Yoga Mat Bag is a great pick for people who want to simplify their practice. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extremely spacious
  • Breathable 


  • Easy to wash

The CCcollections Bohemian high-quality yoga mat carrier bag comes in various colors and styles — embroidered, patterned, or bold-colored — and is an excellent way to store or transport that unsightly yoga mat. 

The yoga mat bag is made of excellent robust cotton material and is spacious enough to carry and store most yoga mats. In fact, the mat bag can readily fit all standard-sized mats and work with any workout roll mats except the thickest ones, making it one of the best yoga mat carriers on the market. In the bag, you can also store yoga accessories like water bottles, wallets, towels, clothes, yoga blocks, keys, etc.

Some Bohemian mat bags are handcrafted and embroidered, while others are one-of-a-kind, ensuring that you receive something truly unique. All mat bags come with a customizable strap and a zip closure.


  • Gorgeous details and patterns
  • It fits small to medium yoga mats


  • The embroidery can easily be damaged

The Amore Beaute Handcrafted Contemporary Bag is a yellow yoga mat bag with cotton lining. The yoga mat bag is a compact tote with a single opening so you can easily carry your thick, plush mat. 

The bag is also made of high-quality canvas, ensuring its durability. Plus, the handcrafted contemporary mat tote has enough room for a mat, water bottle, wallet, and a small towel. It's ideal for yoga fans and makes a terrific gift.


  • Lightweight
  • Made of durable canvas
  • Suitable for small to medium yoga mats


  • It comes in one color
  • No pockets

6. The Most Unique Carry: The House of Tara Handloom Yoga Mat Bag

The Yoga Mat Bag by the House of Tara is made of 100% cotton handloom, lined on the inside with patterned cotton fabric. It has a large exterior pocket where you can keep your phone, keys, wallets, yoga blocks, water bottles, towels, clothes, or other valuables.

The yoga mat bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and zip that runs the length of the mat bag to make inserting and removing the yoga mat a breeze. The mat bag features a stylish tassel that adds to its appeal, making it a must-have for any yoga enthusiast!

The House of Tara is a one-stop shop for practical and unique bags, and it's a veritable haven for individuals who want their bags to be more than simply gorgeous. 


  • Ample space
  • Gorgeous fabric
  • It fits medium to large yoga mats


  • Too narrow for wider mats

As it includes a spacious interior zippered compartment with space for numerous yoga mats, footwear, an extra set of clothes, and more, this yoga mat bag is our top pick. 

The elegant duffel, oversized and segmented, can be used as a getaway bag for more extended vacations and travel. 


  • Made of a rugged, breathable canvas
  • Pockets on the inside
  • Available in five unique colors 


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Smaller than other large bags

8. Value for Money: Mookis Yoga Mat Bag

Do you no longer wish to rummage in your yoga bag to find your car keys or hate fitting in your oversized yoga mat in your small yoga bag? Then this yoga mat bag is just the thing for you.

This yoga mat bag comes in a number of styles and has a great zipper that opens up fully, so you can put your yoga mat (and last week's laundry) inside it too. 

Easily adjustable shoulder straps and an exterior pocket spacious enough where you can keep your phone, headphones, and even a power bank.

The yoga mat bag has a great design that is light on your shoulders and lighter on your pocket.


  • Made of a high quality cotton canvas
  • One small pocket is reserved for valuables
  • Two styles to choose from


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Limited accessory storage

Most yoga mat carriers are designed to hold just a yoga mat. Manduka's Go Play Yoga Mat Carrier, on the other hand, is equipped with a weather-resistant, zippered compartment or pocket that can contain everyday essentials like your phone and headphones. 

The yoga mat bag is made of water-resistant polyester and can be washed with ease. It's also built to carry mats of various sizes owing to its quick-release buckles and straps that can be adjusted to your liking. 


  • Made of water-resistant, long-lasting polyester
  • One small pocket reserved for valuables
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can't hold any yoga accessories
  • Spot-clean only

10. The Most Spacious: Large Yoga Mat Bag by ELENTURE

The ELENTURE Huge Yoga Mat Bag is a large duffel bag that can store a yoga mat, yoga materials, and other minor stuff.

The main section of the backpack can hold a conventional yoga mat. We like how roomy it is for things like dumbbells, sneakers, towels, pillows, and spare clothes.

Within the bag, there are two little zipper pockets that are great for keeping phones, keys, and other small items. Although the bag is made of canvas, it is not machine washable. 


  • Made of a tough, breathable canvas
  • Pockets on the inside


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Hand-wash only

11. Best Gym Companion: Gaiam Studio to Street Yoga Mat Bag

The Gaiam Studio to Street Yoga Mat Bag blends the strength of a duffel with the convenience of a tote and is large enough to accommodate a lot of training gear. 

The bag's zipper pockets and sections make it simple to manage your belongings and carry them to your yoga class. Plus, the exterior pockets are perfect for storing water bottles, wallets, phones, towels, clothes, yoga blocks, shoes, and other items, while the inside pockets are big enough for a travel bag but light enough for everyday use. 

You can keep more other valuables in the bag's spacious mid-section or stow small essentials in the bag's numerous compartments.

It's excellent for the studio, the gym, a journey across town, an overnight stay, and everything else in between because it has a large zipper opening for simple packing and storing.


  • Large and lightweight
  • Extra pockets inside and outside the bag
  • Suitable for thick mats (5mm and up)


  • The bag loses shape when stuffed
  • Thin fabric 

Uhawi's Yoga Mat Sling Carrier combines a large bag with a yoga mat strap. Two yoga mats and a few other items can be stored in the tote's spacious middle section.

The bag features two wide pockets, two pockets with zips, and space for your water bottles as well. 

The bag also has a yoga mat strap that can be tucked inside the tote or worn separately. We appreciate that you can chuck the bag in the laundry basket without a care because it's made of sturdy, high-quality canvas.


  • Made of long-lasting, machine-washable canvas
  • Includes a yoga mat strap as well as extra pockets and compartments
  • Four colors to choose from


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Bulky

13. The Most Durable: Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag 

Bucket bags are not only fashionable but also one of the best yoga mat carriers. The Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag, like all bucket bags, is very spacious, which makes carrying and transporting a yoga mat from your home to your class incredibly easy. 

A great pro of this yoga mat bag is the fact that its two front-facing pockets have enough space for a towel, a water bottle, and even your valuables, such as your car keys and wallet. 

It also has a broad strap that sits gently on your shoulder. In addition to that, the bag's canvas exterior is available in six different colors for you to choose from. 


  • Made of a comfortable, long-lasting canvas
  • Two little pockets for storing valuables
  • Seven shades to choose from


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Difficult to keep equipment secure

The Bottom Line

As relaxing and peaceful as yoga is, hauling your big yoga mat on the subway, or maybe just down the street, isn't always appealing. 

And to be honest, yoga mats aren't the handiest items to tote around. They won't fit in a standard gym bag, and if they're not wrapped and fastened firmly enough, they'll unravel.

This content was created by yoginiyoga.net. If you see this on another site, it has been stolen.

However, these yoga mat bags make it easy to roll your yoga mat and other essentials up in a compact space and carry it to and from your yoga sessions. So, end your search right here, and buy the yoga mat you like best!

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