Believe it or not, placing a yoga towel on top of your yoga mat as you move through yoga postures can make all the difference in how comfortable you are throughout your yoga class. 

Whether in a yoga studio, taking a hot yoga class, or just having a quiet yoga YouTube workout at home, a yoga towel mat can be used in many ways.

It can be used as a sweat-absorbing towel or even as extra padding to protect the knees and back.

Wondering which yoga mat towels are the best? Microfiber towels? Normal towels? Super absorbent towels? There are so many available on the market!

Let's look at the qualities you should seek in a yoga mat towel and the best yoga mat towel for yoga. 

What Is a Mat Towel for Yoga?


What exactly is a yoga towel, and why can't you grab a towel from your bathroom, spread it on your hot yoga mat, and be done with it? 

Good question. 

How to Find the Best Yoga Towel?


Yoga towel is similar to a bath towel in that it absorbs sweat and moisture, but it's also designed to fit on top of your yoga mat and provide a stable surface for extra grip and stability in your poses.

As a result, most towels are made of specific materials (and occasionally rubber or silicone) to keep you upright during your yoga practice. 

These yoga towels will make you want to get your "om" on without breaking the bank, and they come in various styles, mat sizes, and pricing points.

Some towels are for hot yoga, while others that prevent slipping or provide extra cushioning are for regular yoga.

They also act as a hygienic barrier between your mat and your body when performing hot yoga.

That being said, and contrary to common misconception, your towel for hot yoga does not have to cost $60. You can get some of the best yoga towels with corner pockets for less than $20.  

What to Look for in the Best Yoga Towel?

Yoga towels are most commonly used in hot yoga or other physically demanding yoga practices that make you sweat.

As sweat and moisture can cause slipping, a yoga towel is an excellent tool for cleaning sweat up and preventing injury-causing slips.

When shopping for a yoga towel for hot yoga (a regular yoga towel won't work), search for one made of lightweight, absorbent material.

Particularly, look for a durable towel made of polyester, nylon, polyamide, or microfiber that is absorbent and quick-drying.

The 7 Best Yoga Mat Towels

Let's talk about the seven best yoga towels. These yoga towels were assessed on their ability to absorb sweat, how quickly they dry, the quality of their non-slip surface, size, and price. 

  1. Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel - The Winner
  2. Gaiam Yoga Hand Towel - The Budget Buy
  3. Yoga-Mate Perfect Yoga Towel - The Best Value For Money
  4. Yoga Mate Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Size Towel - Your Hot Yoga Partner
  5. Alfamo Cooling Towel - The Best For Traveling
  6. IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel - The One That Doesn't Bunch Up
  7. Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towel - The Softest

1. The Winner: Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel 

Among the best Manduka Equa mat towel, this one has garnered quite the cult following over the years as one of the best yoga towels.

The reason why we think it is the best mat towel for you is because of its versatility. You can use this mat towel for any yoga session, whether relaxing Vinyasa or sweaty hot yoga.

Revolutionary Skid-free Design 

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel has a revolutionary skid-free design that uses an innovative web silicone backing that keeps the mat firmly in place as you exercise.

So, there's no danger of your sweaty hands slipping off the mat anytime soon. 

Moreover, the absorbent material is made out of recycled plastic bottles, making it a great eco-friendly purchase.

Also, combined with a soft feel, premium stitching, and slip-resistant design, this Manduka Equa yoga towel is one of the best towels for hot yoga you would ever need. 

2. The Budget Buy: Gaiam Yoga Hand Towel 

Are you looking for the best hot yoga towel? Don't want to spend a lot of money on your yoga towel for hot body?

Then the Gaiam Yoga Hand Towel is the right choice for you. It's inexpensive, but that doesn't mean it's not a great budget buy. 

The absorbent fabric is a polyester and nylon combination that is great to use.

The Gaiam Yoga Hand Towel has received positive feedback from customers. The towel is also soft and offers a solid, non-slip surface for yoga poses, according to users. It has to be machine-washed using fabric softener. 

3. The Best Value for Money: Yoga-Mate Perfect Yoga Towel 

The Yoga-Mate Perfect Yoga Towel is an excellent choice of hot yoga towel to bring to every yoga class. Its dimensions are 68 x 24 inches, making it suitable to be placed under most yoga mats.

Plus, it's available in a selection of colorful and bold designs, so there's something for everyone. 

Soft and absorbent microfiber fabric

The make and material of this mat towel are such a soft and absorbent microfiber fabric, so it goes great with both hot yoga and just a simple at-home yoga session.

The microfiber fabric also makes the towel odorless and long-lasting.

When wet, this towel stops slipping and activates its superior grip, making it ideal for fast-paced yoga and one of the best yoga towels available.

Feel free to toss this towel in the washer as frequently as possible (you can do it immediately after practicing yoga) because it can withstand numerous washes.

Like most yoga towels, the intense colors fade after the first wash, so ensure you wash them separately. You may either hang it to dry or put it in the dryer on tumble. 

A sweaty Bikram yoga session is no match for a Yoga Mate Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat towel. The microfiber towel comprises a plush, absorbent material that absorbs moisture and keeps you balanced as you move through the motions. 

People who use the Yoga Mate towel say it absorbs sweat nicely and keeps them from losing their hold in the middle of a pose.

People are particularly amazed by the towel's cost, especially given how well it holds up in class.

After class, throw the towel in with your other laundry; there are no unusual washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.

However, the towel comes in various colors and patterns, along with some tie-dye patterns that can brighten up your next yoga session, so you have to be careful about that when washing.

5. The Best for Traveling: Alfamo Cooling Towel

Staying fit while traveling  has never been easier, thanks to the Alfamo Cooling Towel.

The multisport towel is packaged in a small waterproof plastic box that can easily be stowed in luggage or an overnight bag. It's not only great for yoga, but it's also a great cooling towel.

Soak the towel in water for a few minutes, then squeeze it out and snap it close. It can be applied to your body for up to three hours of refreshing comfort (it claims to lower body temperature by 30 degrees Fahrenheit).

Reviewers praised the Alfamo Cooling Towel as a superb hot yoga towel during hot yoga sessions.

6. The One That Doesn't Bunch Up: IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

Non-slip yoga towels are the best, and the IUGA Yoga Towel doesn't disappoint. It is incredibly slip-resistant.

You won't be in danger of slipping anytime soon. The corner pockets on the IUGA Yoga Towel are also a nice touch. 

When using the towel, insert your own mat's edges into the holes, and it will stay stretched, firmly in place, and not bunch. 

The ultralight, microfiber yoga towel (that can be washed in a machine) is 30% thicker than the normal yoga towel, giving the perfect blend of traction and comfort.

This anti-slip yoga towel comes in five vibrant shades and is a must-have for any yoga class.

According to users, the side pockets on the IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel are remarkable and help the towel remain in place perfectly.

They also love the small hand towel that comes with the larger yoga towel, noting it's perfect for wiping sweat after class.

7. The Softest: Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towel

The texture of the ultra-soft, machine-washable Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towel was praised by reviewers, who said that while it was nice on bare hands and feet and soft enough to execute floor postures on, it wasn't as fluffy as a white cotton towel. 

However, reviewers commented that this yoga towel mat wasn't the most slip-resistant one on the market, so it might not be as good for twisty-turny or upside-down poses as some other hot yoga towel options. 

Still, the casual yogi can't go wrong with the towel's smooth finish, ultra-absorbent fibers, and beginner-friendly pricing of your mat.

For example, hot yoga towels absorb sweat and keep you from slipping and injuring yourself.

The Final Word

So there you have it! The ultimate list of the best mat towels for yoga. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, our buying guide to the best yoga mats will ensure you feel balanced and comfortable no matter how tough the yoga session gets. 

According to the experts we spoke with, search for yoga mats that are padded, durable, and have an extra texture for traction and stability if you're doing sweaty yoga.

According to the experts, being able to wash your mat can help it last longer, therefore, all of the alternatives we included can be hand-washed or machine-washed.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Best Way to Clean a Yoga Towel?

For optimal results, follow the instructions on the label of your hot yoga towel. Handwashing your yoga towel is a good idea, especially if it's a mat-towel hybrid that could disintegrate in the cleaning machine. 

Avoid bleach, hot drying, and ironing by using a light detergent.

How Do You Tell the Difference Between a Yoga Mat and a Yoga Towel?

A yoga mat is a sticky, cushioned surface on which to practice yoga. It provides a healthy and sanitary surface for you to touch with your hands, feet, and body. 

A yoga towel is similar to the one used for hot yoga or other sweaty yoga practices; however, the material is comparable to that of a towel and is supposed to be used on top.