Finding the right yoga pants makes a big difference to your yoga practice. There is nothing better than going to a yoga class with the very best yoga pants out there, feeling comfortable and free to do the best poses you can possibly do.

Getting the right pair of buttery soft, comfy leggings or yoga capris can be great for all sorts of things outside of yoga too.

Sometimes it also simply feels great to be comfortable in your clothes, even without the vinyasa flow!

If you are on the search for yoga pants or leggings, you have landed on the perfect page today.

In this blog, we are going to run through our top 11 choices for the best yoga pants and leggings on the market right now. 

We have spent the time researching and reading reviews so that you don't have to, and you can save your own time for yoga classes and relaxation.

Check them out and see what you think for yourself, you might just find your next favorite item of clothing.

1. CompressionZ High Waisted Women's Leggings

CompressionZ's high waisted women's leggings are perfect for athletic ladies. They are designed with all sorts of sports in mind, yoga classes included.

The spandex polyester mix is perfect for moving your body without restriction.

You don't need to be worried about your modesty while working out with these leggings either, they are made from a material that is see-through proof so that you can be protected throughout workouts, gym sessions, hot yoga, and more. They are even squat proof.

The leggings also have compression in-built to the material so they have anti-cellulite benefits already intact.

You really can't go wrong with these leggings for yoga. You can move freely, be protected from flashing anyone, and tone your skin while you are it.

2. PIYOGA Women's Lounge Yoga Pants

PIYOGA's women's lounge yoga pants are an excellent choice for the comfy yoga lover. They are made from 100% rayon with an elasticated waist. There is a loose elastic style to the leg openings too.

These are very versatile yoga pants for women and they will be fantastic for a wide range of people who love both practicing yoga and feeling comfortable in their clothes while doing so.

The yoga pants come in a very accessible range of sizes, including options for tall, regular, and petite frames.

One of the best features of these yoga pants is their non-rip material.

Most yoga pants that you buy from cheap or unreliable vendors will have difficulties with ripping and stretching while you practice your craft.

These yoga pants, on the other hand, are made with movement in mind, so you never have to worry about a ripped crotch during sweaty workouts.

3. Alo Yoga Women's Urban Moto Sweatpants

These cotton spandex blend yoga pants are an awesome choice for anyone whether you practice yoga or not!

These are some of the softest yoga pants out there and they feel great even if you are just wearing them whilst running errands.

The pants have a high waist with a relaxed fit and drawstring waistband. They are a great pair of yoga pants for all kinds of people, you can't really go wrong with a simple classic like this.

We love the versatility and ease of these pants, there isn't a day of the week where I don't feel like wearing something like this.

They will never end up unworn and at the bottom of your cupboard, that is for sure.

4. TD Collections Women's High Waisted Two-Tone Ombre Pants

If you love color, these are the yoga leggings for you.

The TD Collection's two-tone ombre pants have moisture-wicking fabric with light compression.

They are absolutely perfect lightweight leggings for a challenging yoga session when you need your leggings to be right there with you. No sweat lines and no chance of your pants falling down either.

Aren't those things we all worry about during our classes? Not anymore when these leggings give you the best yoga experience possible!

5. YOUNGCHARM High Waist Tummy Control Yoga Pants

YOUNGCHARM's high waist leggings with built-in tummy control are a very good option for yoga leggings lovers everywhere.

The pants feature a pocket on the side which is a big bonus compared to other leggings. It is also handier to be able to bring your phone, keys, or card with you while you are at the yoga studio and these leggings provide you with that opportunity.

The high-rise tights look great, with a range of neutral colors available and an overall sleek design that flatters any body shape.

The yoga pants material is moisture-wicking, flexible, and trustworthy. You can work out until your heart's content, without having to worry about any mishaps.

6. Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants with Tummy Control

The Fengbay high waist yoga pants are the perfect choice for you if you like ankle length yoga pants.

Many people like slightly shorter leggings as a personal preference and we definitely wanted to accommodate that on this list.

These ones are the number 1 best choice for shorter yoga leggings out there.

The leggings are made from a light material that is designed for activity and workouts, including even the most bendy of yoga poses.

The yoga pants fit snuggly with compression technology, making sure your blood flow and circulation are exactly as they should be during your yoga classes.

7. T Party Women's Tie-dye Yoga Leggings

For those of you who love a little color and a little funky design, you will love the T Party tie-dye yoga leggings.

These yoga leggings are built with a classic design that we all know and love. They have a skinny fit that feels almost like a second skin while you wear them and work out.

They are incredibly soft and supple, and they definitely move with you no matter what yoga pose you are in.

8. Rookay Yoga Leggings with Compression

These straight leg pants with a high waistband and great moisture wicking properties are perfect for yoga. They even have a very handy phone pocket on the side too.

They fit great, look great, and perform great for any kind of yoga that you want to do. They are very trustworthy and loyal yoga leggings that you will feel confident wearing in any kind of practice.

They are simple but they are powerful too. Sometimes the simple option is exactly what you need. Isn't life too complicated already?

9. CAMPSNAIL Slimming High Waist Leggings

On a similar note, we have the CAMPSNAIL slimming high waisted leggings. These come in more classic, neutral colors that look great with any kind of yoga outfit you are putting together for a class.

They come in a pack of four and they are great value for money, that's a bonus to start with.

They are amazing at tummy control and the lightweight material of the leggings gives you the perfect stretch for any kind of yoga routine.

You also have the phone pocket again on the side so you never need to worry about where you will put your valuables on the way to the yoga studio again. If you ask me, that is a big plus.

10. Athletic Plus Size Bootcut Yoga Pants

For great bootcut yoga pants, we recommend the Athletic Works options for plus sizes. These are super comfortable, durable pants that allow both comfort and movement for the entire time that you are wearing them.

They have a very soft material that uses dri-works technology to keep sweat away while you work out in style.

These yoga pants are probably one of the most comfortable options out there. Once you get them, you will find it hard to go back to any other pants ever.

11. CRZ Yoga Women's Light-Fleece Yoga Leggings

Finally, we have the CRZ yoga light-fleece yoga leggings.

These cool leggings come in lots of different colors, allowing you to tailor the look to your own personality and style.

They are made of a thicker material than other leggings on our list which means they are a great choice if you are somewhere cold, workout outside, or simply want a little more comfort in your routine.

The leggings also have a secret little pocket which is great for keys or a bank card, so you never have to lose your smaller valuables again.


We really hope you enjoyed our list of the very best yoga pants and leggings out there. Hopefully, you found your next favorite fit and you can feel comfortable and free for a long time to come.

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