Yoga, no doubt, is one of the age-long fitness practices that comes with enormous benefits to the body, mind, and spirit.

Sadly, once you subscribe to a yoga class, there are certain initial challenges you may encounter along the way.

In some cases, the choice of what to wear to yoga class may turn out to be one of the most overwhelming decisions you have to make each time you get set to hit the gym.

Well, it will interest you to know that with the right guide, your yoga routine and classes can be a lot more of a fun activity, especially when you don’t have to be bothered about what props and other essential yoga accessories you should have in your fitness bag.

Perhaps you have been having a hard time trying to figure out what props and other yoga accessories are termed essential, which you must have as a yogi, this post comes with the answer to all your concerns.

Complete List of Most Essential Yoga Accessories

Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is indeed the most essential accessory of basic yoga equipment. Because you will not be doing your exercise routine directly on the floor, you may require a mat to be comfortable while performing all your poses.

This mat helps to define your boundaries while also providing a grip for your feet and hands, so you don't slip, especially if you're sweaty.

It is ideal to use these mats to ensure a firm grip that will keep you balanced and keep you from falling. It also acts as a cushion between your body and the ground.


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Yoga Blocks

Possessing a yoga block will greatly assist you in modifying yoga poses, aiding proper alignment, and improving balance, whether you are a newbie or an advanced yoga practitioner.

Furthermore, you will be able to perform more advanced yoga postures without risking injury from overstretching or incorrect alignment.

Yoga blocks are an excellent accessory for those who lack advanced flexibility, as they allow you to ease into different poses. As your flexibility improves, they can still be used to deepen a posture.

Placing yoga blocks underneath your hands throughout a forward fold, for example, can support you if you can't reach the floor, whereas placing yoga blocks underneath your feet in the very same pose requires you to stretch further to reach the floor.

Yoga blocks, which can be made of wood, foam, or cork, can be extremely beneficial to beginners.

They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and heights. The standard is four-inch blocks, but blocks ranging from three to five inches are available.

Yogi-inspired water bottle

It's critical to stay hydrated while exercising, and many newbie yogis completely ignore the fact that yoga is a strenuous workout.

You wouldn't practice yoga without a mat, then you should exert the same effort to bring with you a water bottle to the studio/class.

Consider your water bottle to be an essential piece of yoga equipment, not an optional extra. The more water we lose through sweating; the more water we must replace by drinking.

All you must do is stay hydrated. Try incorporating a water bottle into your yoga accessory list if you are interested in hot yoga.

Purchase a high-quality vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle. This choice of bottle will not leak and will keep your water chilled for hours. This, once again, aids in the prevention of slips and falls.

Yoga Bolster


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Yoga Strap


Yoga belts are pieces of accessories used in yoga to help with flexibility development. If you're a newbie with no prior flexibility training, we suggest buying some yoga straps to reduce the risk of muscle strain.

A yoga strap has an adjustable buckle that allows you to extend your reach while also improving your alignment and flexibility.

If you can't reach your feet, a strap is a great way to strengthen your seated forward fold.

You can use the strap to pull yourself further into the stretch by wrapping it around your feet. Straps can also be used to broaden the shoulders only when you can't get your hands behind your back.

They can be used for balance and stability in some postures, including boat pose. A yoga strap not only is small and light but among the most effective tools for practitioners of all levels.

Yoga Ball


A yoga ball is a fun accessory to use if you enjoy restorative yoga and back-bending poses. They are usually 4 inches wide by 12 inches in diameter.

A ball can be used to aid your back, neck, and head, and then as you progress in your practice, you can also use it to create balance, challenge yourself, and make some more difficult poses.

A yoga ball can even be used for novel exercises like a rolling bridge or rolling lunge. An inflatable yoga ball, on the other hand, is an excellent accessory for backbends and core strengthening exercises.

Other items you need for yoga

Mat Bags or Slings


If you have your yoga mat and will be toting it back and forth to the yoga studio on a regular schedule, you'll probably want to carry it with a mat bag or a sling.

These items allow you to sling your wrapped mat over your shoulder without being unraveled.

 Slings typically bind your mat in its wrapped layout with velcro straps and a connecting strap that can be thrown over your shoulder.

They may also include additional storage pockets on occasion, but not always.

On the other side, bags are typically divided into two types. One version employs velcro straps to secure your rolled mat against a larger backpack.

The other option is a snap or drawstring bag designed specifically to hold your wrapped mat.

Both styles offer additional storage for items such as clothing, wallets, and cell phones. The decision depends on the preference and budget.

If you need tips on picking the right yoga mat bag, check out our in-depth reviews on Best Yoga Mat Bags This Year!

Hand Towels


The first towel you'll need is a simple hand towel, roughly 16 inches by 28 inches in size. A hand towel is perfect for the following tasks:

  • To remove sweat from your brow.
  • To use as a cushion between your knees.
  • To be used as a strap.

If you're going to use it as a cushion, make sure it's folded evenly.

Yoga straps are great for yoga, though most beginners can get by with just a hand towel.

Mat Towels


A mat towel protects your yoga mat, and it is extremely important if you perform power yoga, hot yoga, or get easily sweaty while practicing any yoga sessions.

This yoga accessory will effectively absorb sweat, preventing you from slipping and injuring yourself during your yoga practice.

Instead of a normal beach or bath towel, invest in a yoga mat towel. Just about all yoga towels are made of microfiber to enhance traction and prevent bunching.

Always check and ensure that the towel is thick and durable enough to keep you dry and clean. However, a towel that is far too thick can be difficult to stand on.

If you sprinkle your yoga mat with water before class, it will enable your yoga towel to stick to your mat.

Resistance Band

A pair of resistance bands can add extra complexity to your yoga practice if you want to optimize your strength gains and endurance.

Resistance bands have been shown in studies to proffer the same strength gains as regular weights, and they are easier to integrate into a yoga practice than dumbbells.

For example, while in table-top posture, you can target your glutes by performing banded donkey kicks with resistance bands.

Foam Roller

If your muscles are tight and tense, you may benefit from using a foam roller to soothe and release tension during or before your yoga practice.

Foam rollers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so pick one that fits your physique, massage preferences, and budget.

Refreshing Mat-cleaning Spray

This will leave your mat looking and smelling fresh with a few spritzes. The all-natural solution kills odors with essential oils, keeping your mat clean between classes.

The lemongrass and dreamy lavender fragrance selections will also help you relax in poses.

Once your yoga mat gets dirty, it can smell bad and become slippery. To clean your yoga mat, you can use a pre-made spray or make your own.

A regular spray is all that is required to keep your mat sparkling fresh.

Supportive Meditation Cushion

For seated meditation, you should support your body with aid under your hips. You can also use a yoga bolster or blanket for this, however, if you meditate regularly, a comfortable meditation cushion is ideal to sit on while in your seated poses. Cushions are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Massage Guns


When buying yoga equipment for newbies, you may be tempted to only buy items that will benefit you during yoga class or session.

However, it is also critical to spend money on items that will benefit your body after the class comes to an end.

This will be a more expensive purchase than many of the other items on this list but consider it a suitable muscle therapy.

After a strenuous workout or stretching session, massage guns will soothe your muscles.

Many of these massage guns use percussion therapy to treat your muscles, which can make you feel happy by secreting serotonin in your body. This will calm your nerves and make you a lot happier.

This sophisticated yoga equipment will reduce muscle and joint tension by increasing blood flow to those regions.

Increased blood flow not only relieves joint aches and pains, but also promotes a rapid metabolism, which can lead to healthy bowels, weight loss, and a good sleeping pattern.

For the best results, we highly suggest using the massage gun after each of your workouts. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Essential Yoga Accessories

Where can I get yoga equipment?

Yoga equipment is available from both online and offline retailers, as well as sporting goods stores.

Reading the reviews about a store before purchasing ensures that you are buying a product that satisfies your preferred specifications and quality.

What is the cost of yoga equipment?

It is dependent on what you are purchasing, the brand, as well as where you will be purchasing the equipment.

Shopping around allows you to get the accessories you need while staying within your budget.

Why is yoga done barefoot?

Bare feet assist you in maintaining your balance during yoga poses. Socks can make your feet slippery, thereby increasing your risk of falling, and footwear can feel unwieldy while also limiting your flexibility, making it difficult to practice yoga.

How should I store my yoga accessories?

The ideal way of storing yoga equipment is to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Because the manufacturer is the most knowledgeable about its products, following its recommendations can keep your accessories in a safe condition for prolonged periods.

What should I wear to my first yoga class?

If you are having trouble deciding on the perfect yoga outfit for your first yoga class, here are some fast rules to follow:

  • Supportive outfit, to hold all the body parts in place.
  • Nonrestrictive, to allow for easy stretching.
  • Breathable fabric, to keep you cool and calm.
  • Capable of remaining stationary – regardless of position.

A Bottom Line

While other yoga accessories can be substituted for others, some yoga accessories such as yoga straps, yoga mat, mat towels, resistance bands, foam rollers, massage guns, yoga balls, and blocks are all known to be very essential, and a must-have by every yogi.

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With all these yoga accessories and other yoga outfits within your reach, your yoga sessions and post-yoga sessions will always be a fruitful time out and your worries about what to wear to yoga class will be a long-forgotten issue.

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