Having a fit body shape, losing excess fat, enhancing flexibility, and improving the consciousness of your mind can be achieved by performing yoga.

However, burnt fats and waste materials are released as sweat while performing yoga, causing you to develop sweaty hands and feet, which may result in slipping during your exercise.

The good news is that you can always use non-slip yoga mats to prevent yourself from slipping while performing yoga.

Are you intrigued to know the best yoga mats for sweaty hands? If so, read on as I walk you through some of the top-quality non slip yoga mats for sweaty hands in this review.

What Are Non-Slip Mats?

Non-slip mats are rubber mats used to prevent slips, falls, and trips that can occur while performing yoga exercises.

Slips occur when there is a lack of friction between your hands/feet and the floor of the yoga room.

Lack of friction may be caused by lubricants such as water, oil, grease, or sweat on your hands or the floor. However, sweat is the most common cause of lack of slips/falls during yoga exercises.

Sweaty hands and feet can cause you to slip, but using non slip yoga mat can save you from such accidents.

Non-slip mats have specially designed surfaces that are not smooth and can absorb sweat from your hands and feet during yoga exercises.

Below are some of the best non-slip yoga mats you should consider when the need to revamp your yoga kits is imminent.

The Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands And Feet

Now, you're probably eager to get a non slip yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet. However, choosing the ones with durability, high quality, and integrity may be challenging–especially if you want to order online.

Luckily, we've done the assignment for you! Here, we present our best picks of 11 yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet.

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Premium Mat

This premium print Yoga mat for sweaty hands has a 6mm thick cushioned surface that prevents you from slipping during Yoga practice.

It is made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material with a dimension of 68 "L × 24 "W × 0.23 "T.

Several colors and designs are available, including Alterra, Ash leaves, Black, Capri, Celestial Blue, and Icy Blossom.

This Yoga mat is one of the best because it is free of harmful phthalates. Thus, it is a healthier choice for you.

You can use this Yoga mat indoors and outdoors in your home and studio.


  • It has a non-slip surface with a sticky texture that allows you to make a perfect grip during your hot Yoga practice.
  • It is lightweight and thick with additional cushioning for your elbows, knees, and ankles. Thus, it gives you maximum comfort during a Yoga exercise.
  • It is free from six toxic phthalates harmful to human health.
  • Purchasing the Yoga mat gives you access to a free downloadable beginner's guide to Yoga workouts.
  • It is unisex and can be used by both young and adults.


  • It has a strong plastic smell, which may affect people allergic to such a smell. Nevertheless, manufacturers advise you to unroll and air the mat for 2-3 days before use.
  • It is not eco-friendly because it will not biodegrade when disposed of.

BalanceFrom All-Purpose Yoga Mat

If you need a double-sided Yoga mat for sweaty hands, which is super easy to clean, then the BalanceFrom All-Purpose Premium Yoga mat is an ideal choice.

This Yoga mat is designed with excellent slip resistance to prevent injuries during your Yoga practice.

It has a dimension of 24 "×6" ×6", which makes it large enough for people of all shapes and sizes. It is made from foam materials and weighs up to 1.8 pounds.

Several colors are available: Black, Blue, Green, Gray, and Pink.


  • It is double-sided, which means you can switch to the other side for your next Yoga practice after completing the first session.
  • It has a ½" extra thickness, which makes it comfortable to cushion your spine, hips, elbows, and knees on hard floors.
  • It is super easy to clean. The manufacturer recommends cleaning with water and soap.
  • It comes with a free strap for carrying it from place to place–perhaps from your home to your gym.
  • It has a non-slip texture that prevents you from slipping during your Yoga practice.


  • It is relatively wide and can occupy a lot of space.
  • It weighs up to 1.8 pounds, which makes it heavy to carry.

Manduka eQua Yoga Mat

A major factor to consider when choosing a yoga mat for sweaty hands is its ability to dry quickly after being washed.

Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel has this beneficial feature. It is made from cotton, which is absorbent and dries quickly.

The Yoga mat towel has a dimension of 72×26.5×2.5 inches and a weight of 0.43Kg only. Thus, it is lightweight and portable.

Several colors are available, including Sage, Midnight, and Thunder. You can wash the Yoga mat either by hand or by washing machines.


  • It is made from cotton, which is biodegradable and will not constitute waste to the environment.
  • Manduka eQua Yoga mat towel contains 100% recyclable PET materials making it eco-friendly.
  • The microfibers of the cotton fabric are ultra-absorbent, durable, and quick drying.
  • It is excellent for all Yoga exercises, including power, hot, and Vinyasa.
  • It is lightweight and thus can be easily carried for traveling.


  • The microfibers are susceptible to stress. Thus, stretching the mat may cause some tears.
  • It depletes the ecosystem from natural resources, that is, cotton from plants.

Manduka X Yoga Mat

Manduka X Yoga mat is a 100% latex-free and slip-resistant workout tool designed for professional or casual athletes who need to supplement their tools with a vital yoga mat.

It boasts of being generic or multipurpose and highly durable due to its portability. Alongside its 5mm thickness is its remarkable density and cushioning, which makes it very safe and comfortable.

It also provides critical protection and cushioning for all the important joints of the human body, such as the knees, elbows, and spine, which ordinarily would be in contact with hard floors.

Being an eco-friendly mat manufactured from non-toxic materials, it is chemical-solvent free, and energy efficiency was ensured during its manufacturing process. Its evident grips are uncomfortable for some users and still slip when they are sweaty.


  • Multi-purpose for different fitness activities besides hot yoga.
  • Slip-resistant and stick firmly to the floor
  • Superior durability and can withstand rough use
  • Provides high-density cushioning.


  • It is too grippy and uncomfortable for sliding.
  • It gets super slippery if your hands get sweaty.

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Premium 6mm for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts

Gaiam's Premium Print Reversible Yoga Mat is a 5/6mm-thick walkout mat that boasts durability, stability, stickiness, and slip-resistant. Its primary selling point is its reversible nature, allowing users the freedom to utilize any side of it effortlessly.

Comfort and safety are what it portends and can be used for home or studio activities.

Though manufactured from innocuous phthalates, it has some very unpleasant smell for the first few days of use, making users wonder whether or not it's a healthy choice for humans and our planet, as claimed by the manufacturer. Markedly, the mat is very light and sticky. These features are their pros as well as their cons.


  • You can use reversible, and both the front and back sides anytime
  • Non-toxic
  • Lightweight
  • Stabilising grip
  • Sticky, no-slip texture.


  • It is a very light and thin mat and may hurt your joints to do high-intensity work on a thin padded surface.
  • The not-too-pleasant smell can last up to three weeks.
  • Slippery on some poses.

Gaiam Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise Mat

This is a 2mm thick foldable yoga mat manufactured by Gaiam. You can fold it to a 10 x 12 inches compact square, and as a result, it is highly durable and can be carried on or placed in a tote bag.

It provides stabilizing grip and a unique sticky texture. Being a 2mm thick hot yoga mat makes it impressively lightweight but unsuitable for beginners as they might get injured using it. Gaiam Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise Mat also has some not-too-pleasant smell, as are most other Gaiam's mats.


  • Foldable compact design
  • Stabilizing grip
  • Sticky, no-slip texture.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable due to foldable design


  • You will need a towel to not be slippery with a lot of sweat.
  • Not too pleasant a smell.
  • Not for beginners as it is thin

Manduka Manduka PRO Yoga  and Pilates Mat

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat prides itself as a lifetime walkout mat due to its marked longevity. It is 6mm thick and very eco-friendly with OEKO-TEX certification. Being ultra-dense gives this mat a cushioning effect which helps protect human joints.

It also provides some extra comfort for its users. It was designed and manufactured using Manduka's closed-cell technology, preventing dirt from being moistened by sweat. However, this mat is markedly slippery initially and not as lightweight as others.


  • Ultra-dense cushioning
  • This mat has a Long life span that gives a lifetime assurance.
  • It also has a Closed-cell material
  • It is certified by OEKO-TEX
  • It is a Thick mat


  • Very slippery, at least, at the beginning
  • It's Heavy

Gaiam - Premium 5mm Non-Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat

Gaiam Sol's Dry-Grip Hot Yoga Mat is a 5mm thick yoga mat manufactured from a PVC material. It was designed to be secure and slip-resistant. It was so securely closed that it kept germs, odor, and bacteria at bay from it.

This makes it suitable for users with latex sensitivity. Another design decision included a topcoat that helps wick away unwanted moisture and provides an outstanding grip with rising environmental or room temperature.

Its 5mm cushioning effect gives soft landings to human joints. It is lightweight, sticky, and very durable. However, its smell, when just procured, is not pleasant. It also loses its grip after using it for a while.


  • Lightweight, durable and extra-thick for additional cushioning.
  • PVC material seals out germs, odor, and bacteria.
  • The top coat of the mat wicks away moisture and provides a better grip the hotter you get.
  • Cushion with Conscious.
  • Sticky, with or without a sweat.


  • After a few months of usage, some grips get detached.
  • Not-too-pleasant smell at the beginning of its usage.
  • Readily attracts specks of dirt.

Gaiam Fitness Mat for Hot Yoga

This Gaiam Yoga Mat is a 5 mm thick premium mat that you can use for hot yoga, Pilates, and floor work. It's made from a durable cotton surface, making it easy to clean and resist stains.

It also features non-slip properties, so you don't have to worry about slipping during your workout.

This product comes in one size: 28 inches x 50 inches (71 cm x 127 cm), making it perfect for home use and studios where space is limited, like gyms or wellness centers.


  • The Yoga Mat is made of a very durable material that will last for years.
  • This mat is also a good value for its price because it provides you with all the benefits of a premium hot yoga mat without breaking your bank account.
  • The non-slip grip keeps your hands from slipping off while doing hot yoga poses or floor workout routines at home or anywhere else.
  • The dimensions of this product are perfect so that you can use it on any surface with space around it.
  • You don't have to worry about burning yourself anymore because these mats provide excellent traction on all surfaces.


  • The 5mm thickness makes it a bit heavier, but if you're looking for a super-thick mat, this might not q your best choice.
  • Another common complaint is that the price of this product is too high for what you get in return (the padding and anti-slip surface)

Gaiam Extra Thick Non-Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat

The Gaiam Extra Thick Mat is a durable, extra-thick mat with an anti-slip surface perfect for all yoga and floor exercises. It has been designed to provide comfort while helping you remain stable during your workout.

The hot yoga mat comes in 4 colors: black/white (pictured), white/black, grey/red, and red/grey. It measures 68 by 24 inches and is just 0.75 pounds


  • It has a good thickness of 6mm, which makes it soft and comfortable.
  • It is made of high-quality rubber, which provides a strong grip on the floor.
  • The price is very reasonable compared to other similar products today.
  • This mat comes in 4 different sizes, including 2' x 3' (60cm x 90cm), 3' x 4', 5' x 7', & 8'.
  • It comes with a carrying strap, so you don't have to worry about losing your mat if you want to take it somewhere else with you.


  • If you have sensitive joints, you might find this mat too soft because of its thickness, making it difficult to do exercises involving lots of squats or lunges.

Retrospec Laguna Yoga Mat for Women & Men

The Laguna Yoga Mat for Women and Men is a thick, non-slip exercise mat used at home or in the gym. It's ideal for doing yoga, Pilates, and stretching exercises.

The mat has a non-slip surface that prevents the user from slipping while performing their favorite moves. The mat also comes with an anti-microbial treatment to prevent odor build-up over time so that it won't smell after use.

The mat is 24" x 68" and is 4mm thick. It weighs 1.4 lbs and has a low noise level (33 dB). The mat's material is PVC, which means it has no smell or bristle marks from previous use.


  • This mat is easy to clean since it's made from thick rubber and has an anti-slip backing.
  • You can even practice outside during inclement weather conditions because they're waterproof.
  • The thickness of this mat makes it perfect for most people doing yoga or other exercises at home.
  • Contours the body well so you don't feel like your sweat is pooling on the mat (which can get slippery).
  • The non slip yoga mat feature means that this mat won't move around as you're doing your workout routine - which makes working out easier


  • The Laguna mat is not stylish and doesn't have a lot of color options.
  • It's also not easy to store because of its size and weight, so if you don't have much space available in the first place, this might not be an option for use at home.
  • It's made of PVC material which can be easily damaged if used carelessly.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Mats

Yoga is a great way to relax and recharge. But sweat can get everywhere if you're doing it in hot temperatures. If this happens, your yoga mat may not absorb as much of it as it should.

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Fortunately, many different types of yoga mats on the market today can help you combat this issue. Here are some tips for finding the best one for sweaty hands:

1.    Consider the yoga mat's material

Yoga mats can be made from cotton, rubber, and PVC. Cotton is a naturally absorbent material but tends to get stained easily. Rubber is an excellent choice for sweat absorption and durability; however, it can be too slippery if you're doing hot yoga.

PVC is durable and absorbs sweat well. However, it tends to get slippery when wet due to its smooth surface texture

2.    Consider the thickness

Choosing a mat that's thick enough to provide comfort and stability is essential. The wider the mat, the more comfortable you'll be during your session. However, it also limits how portable it can be.

3.    Consider the texture

If you have sweaty hands and want something with more grip, then textured mats may be right up your alley.

4.    Consider the size and weight

Size and weight are important considerations for portability and comfort. A lighter mat is more accessible to carry than a heavier one. However, you'll probably want one that's just heavy enough to provide good stability when doing poses like standing poses.


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How To Make A Yoga Mat Less Slippery

Do your hands slide all over the place when you're doing yoga? If so, here are a few easy tips to help you make your yoga mat less slippery.

1.    Use a towel regularly to wipe off sweat from your skin.

2.    Use a towel to cover your yoga mat.

3.    Rub your hands and feet with talc powder to keep them dry.

4.    Clean your yoga mat regularly to remove dirt and oil.

5.    Avoid doing yoga when it is hot, as this triggers sweat.

Conclusion -  Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands

There are a variety of non-slip yoga mats in the market today, each with its pros and cons. Some yoga mats are more absorbent than others, some have greater grip, and some are more slippery than others.

There are also considerations when choosing the best yoga mat for sweaty hands: the material, thickness, texture, size, and weight. It is important to remember that no matter which yoga mat you choose, it will always be a personal choice. But any of these in this review will make a perfect prop for your yoga routines.

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