Athleisure wear has quickly become a staple in women's fashion, and now even women who are not into fitness are wearing pieces such as yoga pants and leggings.

These pants and leggings are popular because they are fashionable, comfortable, and versatile.

However, the words leggings and pants are used interchangeably while they are entirely different types of sportswear. Below, we discuss the difference between yoga pants and leggings.

Yoga Pants


These pants are typically thicker, and they are looser in fitting than other yoga bottoms. They can work both indoors and outdoors.

They have been popularized by big companies such as Victoria's secret, which have branded them as flare pants that can be worn as casual pants for everyday activities and even as part of your workout gear. Therefore, they can be seen as a trendier version of sweat pants.

These pants are stylish and sophisticated, and yet they allow you full-body coverage, flexibility, and performance enhancement through properties such as anti-chafing fit and moisture-wicking.

The pants are flattering and will keep you in top shape on the tracks or the streets. Some come with zip closures on the side and side pockets for maximum comfort.

Unlike some leggings, these pants are not see-through, and they will stay in place during yoga and other workouts and not pull the skin or feel restrictive. Lastly, yoga pants are more expensive than yoga leggings.

Yoga Leggings


Yoga leggings are thinner and tighter than yoga pants and other workout pants. However, they are just as multifunctional as they can be worn under tunics, shirts, and dresses.

However, they are thick enough for you to wear without any long additions and are breathable, and can wick away sweat, so you keep cool as you work out.

However, leggings have not always been popular. In the past, they were simply undergarments that could be worn to keep people warm during the winter.

Today, they are worn to different places and can be paired with other clothes, and they will be good to go.

The most common leggings right now are made of cotton and sometimes spandex, which are widely available and budget-friendly. However, these leggings can lose shape after a while.

Therefore, they will not work well for those who go to the gym. Polyester leggings work much better as they are better quality, can wick more sweat and moisture, and are less stretchy than cotton.

However, they can hold on to smells. Lastly, wool leggings are popular today and work great for people during the winter.

However, they are more expensive than the other two alternatives above. Other materials that make leggings include nylon, faux leather, and spandex.


Yoga pants and leggings are different in many ways-style, including price, functionality, and even the fabric. However, yoga workouts are best for yoga pants, while yoga leggings are best for those who want an outfit or need to lounge around.

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