Yoga is an incredible activity for all moms to be. Taking a yoga class during and even after pregnancy can bring so many benefits and advantages to both you and your baby.

A yoga workout can help pregnant women with their breathing rhythm, mental centering, and overall mental health.

Yoga reduces stress, helps to reduce blood flow in all the right ways, and, ultimately, helps you tune in so that you can listen to your body.

Both the breathing techniques and yoga poses combined help you achieve all of these amazing benefits throughout the yoga sessions.

It is no surprise that more and more pregnant women and expectant mothers are signing up for yoga every year.

If you are an expecting mom yourself and you can want to get into the world of yoga, you have landed in the right place. This blog is going to tell you all about the best yoga classes you can take online right now.

We have created a list of the very best examples of pregnancy yoga classes from across the Internet, to help you and other pregnant women out there decide between your many different choices. We've done the research so that you don't have to.

Let's get started with that list so you can be deep into prenatal yoga in no time!

1. Power Prenatal Yoga


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For the number one position on our list, we have gone for the Power Prenatal yoga class from Jennifer Lux.

This yoga class for pregnant women is for slightly more experienced mommies-to-be who have been to a yoga class or two in their time already.

The experienced instructor Jennifer has designed this class so that pregnant ladies may continue to be able to partake in challenging and rewarding yoga flows, in a way that is safe and accessible during pregnancy.

It allows lovers of yoga to keep up with their regular style of practice through pregnancy so that they can stay active and continue to engage with the level of physical activity they enjoy even throughout their time with a growing belly.

This prenatal yoga class helps you to prepare for birth itself, with different positions that will help you prepare the muscles needed for labor in advance.

Even though this course is quite a tough one, plenty of modifications are offered throughout.

Jennifer states that the classes are appropriate for women in their first trimester, second trimester, and even third trimester, so don't worry about what stage of pregnancy you are in.

This class can help you practice prenatal yoga in a way that is dynamic and engaging, but also in a way that keeps you safe. That is the balance we all want, isn't it?

You can sign up for the Power Prenatal yoga class, right here, on Yoga Download.

2. Baptiste Power Yoga for Pregnancy


Photo by Shashi Chaturvedula on Unsplash

For the second spot on our list of best yoga classes during pregnancy, we have the Baptiste Power Yoga class. This one is a really special course that definitely deserves its position on this list.

One of the very best aspects of this yoga class is that two pregnant women are featured throughout, demonstrating a safe and accessible version of power yoga.

The prenatal yoga class is instructed by Dave Farmar, who teaches and narrates the class with the help of the two pregnant helpers, who just happen to be his wife and her friend.

Keeping it in the family helps this session of prenatal yoga feel very homely and relatable.

There is something lovely about being able to watch women in the same position as you practice such amazing yoga in a way that works.

As this prenatal yoga session is another "power" class, it does require some previous knowledge of yoga.

The class ahead does have some tricky physical demands in place, so if this is your first-ever time taking yoga, you are probably better off with a more beginner-style class.

But don't worry, we will have plenty of those on this list too. You can also click here to check out our list of Best Yoga Course for Foundations.

For powerful yoga during pregnancy, this class should be top of your list.

Dave is amazing at teaching women to practice vinyasa yoga flow throughout their entire pregnancy, without losing all strength, power, or flexibility, but also with safe modifications.

You can buy the class by itself or as part of the prenatal yoga package (which is a pretty awesome deal for soon-to-be moms), right here.

3. Prenatal Yoga 1


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We said there would be some classes for beginners on our list, didn't we? Well now is the time for us to cough up the goods!

Prenatal Yoga 1 by Liza Janda is a wonderful class for beginners who want to get involved with prenatal yoga.

It is a light and easy class that focuses on gentle stretching, breathing exercises, and yoga poses that will be very accessible for most pregnant women.

This class is specifically designed with pregnancy in mind and the online videos provide support and guidance that will be easy to follow for anyone with any kind of yoga background.

It is safe for women in any trimester of pregnancy and there are plenty of modifications available throughout the class.

If you are a beginner and you want a yoga class that will be both beneficial but easygoing, this is the one for you. Prenatal yoga without the "power" but definitely not without the benefits.

Book yourself a place in this online class directly, here.

4. Prenatal Vinyasa Flow


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Vinyasa yoga is all about flow. This class from Jennifer Lux is a perfect example of finding your flow during pregnancy and it is super beneficial for all sorts of pregnant women.

This prenatal yoga class specifically helps you link breathing techniques and focused breathing with physical yoga poses.

The class is amazing for reducing stress and helping you to stay calm while you prepare for the labor coming ahead.

Jennifer's prenatal yoga class is designed especially for pregnant women and their specific needs.

All the poses are safe during pregnancy and most pregnant women will find this class easy to follow and enjoyable to take part in.

The benefits of the class include reduced fatigue, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility. Everything that you need in the lead-up to giving birth.

This class is perfect for people of all yoga experience levels and in all trimesters of pregnancy yoga.

Anyone can sign up for this class and very quickly reap all of the benefits involved in Jennifer's excellent class.

Check it out for yourself and sign up, here.

5. Prenatal Yoga with a Twist


Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

If you are someone who needs a new challenge, you can check out Prenatal Yoga with a Twist.

While this course was created with experienced yogis in mind, you can join the class with any ability level.

Don't forget that you can always go at your own pace throughout the class and take things easy when you need to. Beginners are also welcome.

The course intends to bring internal and external strength together in harmony so that you can feel as strong and at peace as possible during pregnancy.

This class is very creative and unique, we definitely recommend giving it a go whether you are a new yoga fan or an experienced hand.

You can purchase this course, here.

6. Postnatal Flow


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Finally, we have Postnatal Flow. After you have enjoyed all the joy and positive effects of prenatal yoga, chances are that you will be hooked and not ready to give up on yoga practice just yet!

The Postnatal Flow class can help you keep all the good things going for a little while longer.

This class is designed for new moms who want to work on both their physical and mental health.

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The poses included will help you strengthen your body, particularly so your core, so that you feel energized and motivated.

The class will help you work on your post-birth body changes by helping you feel stronger and back in natural flow.

The gentle sequences will help bring your mind and body back into balance after pregnancy and birth and help you to rebuild your body back to its former self (and even better).

It is designed to be quite easy-going and smooth, so don't worry if you are feeling a little weaker right now after your recent ordeals. The class will help you build back up to heavier yoga classes slowly but steadily.

Sign up and take Liza's class for a spin quickly and easily, here.


We really hoped you enjoyed our list of the best prenatal yoga classes you can find. Prenatal yoga has so much to offer for pregnant women and postnatal yoga has the same benefit and advantages for women who have just given birth.

Whether you are in your first trimester, third trimester, or you have just started mom life, yoga classes can help you in so many incredible ways.

We hope that this list has helped you know exactly where to find the right yoga teacher and the right yoga class for you. And, if you want a go at them all, you can check out the complete prenatal yoga package on Yoga Download.

That way, you can make the most out of every option available and make sure you are getting the best kind of yoga for you and your baby. See you out there on the yoga mat!

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