As a new or experienced yogi, one of the main aims is to improve your posture and getting comfortable doing yoga poses.

However, if you are an oversize man or woman, this may not come easy. Thankfully, there are reinforcements that you can add to your arsenal to help you feel more in tune and at ease in your yoga class, including yoga bolsters.

Below, we review some of the best yoga bolsters that you can use in your yoga studio or the gym.

  1. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster
  2.  Hugger Mugger Pranayama Yoga Bolster
  3. Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Round Zafu Yoga Pillow
  4.  Gaiam Yoga Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow
  5. Manduka Enlight Yoga Bolster

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster


If you are looking for beautiful yet high-quality yoga bolsters for your needs, the Hugger Mugger Standard yoga bolster is the way to go. This bolster is made of foam and cotton, which means that it maintains its firmness and structural integrity even with intense use.

The bolster is designed with a flat top and bottom, which helps you stay stable as you do your yoga poses.

It has a thickness of 5’ and weighs approximately 5.75 lbs. It is handmade in the US and should be dry cleaned to ensure that you maintain the quality.

Hugger Mugger Pranayama Yoga Bolster

Once again, Hugger Mugger makes it to our list of highly-rated yoga bolsters. This yoga bolster is made of upholstery grade fabric, making it valuable, durable, and long-lasting.

Just like the other Hugger Mugger bolster we have discussed, this Hugger Mugger Pranayama Yoga Bolster comes with a flat top and bottom.

It also has handles on both sides, making it easy to carry around when going to the yoga studio or gym.

This firm yoga bolster will support your body and open your back and shoulder so you can breathe better.

Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Round Zafu Yoga Pillow 


If you are looking for a perfect relaxation and meditation pillow, this is for you. This beautiful pillow is designed so that it is highly functional yet strong and durable.

Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Round Zafu Yoga Pillow consists of two layers- an inner case and a washable outer cover. It is filled with lavender and buckwheat hulls.

Natural lavender comes in handy as research shows that lavender has aromatherapeutic properties and can help the body relax.

Furthermore, the pillow helps you achieve a more stable and comfortable sitting posture as it has an ergonomic design that helps you achieve optimal spine alignment.

Gaiam Yoga Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow

This yoga bolsters from Gaiam brand may be the game-changer you need for your yoga and meditation as it supports the body efficiently.

This mediation pillow is natural cotton batting filled with a polyester cover to ensure superior comfort when using it. It also features a handle to enable the owner to carry it comfortably from one place to the next.

In addition, the pillow is washable and can easily be removed and tossed into the washing machine when the need arises.

Manduka Enlight Yoga Bolster


This Manduka Enlight Yoga Bolster is perfect for those who want body support while meditating and making yoga moves. It has a removable plush microfiber cover.

This bolster is also firm but soft to the touch, which means it can comfortably provide the support you need whenever you are. In addition, it is super absorbent and keeps you dry.

Whether you need this for daily meditation or you only do yoga once in a while, this is the perfect accessory for your practice.

The bolster consists of a 30% recycled polyester core, which is not unusual for Manduka, that focuses on creating yoga accessories out of natural and renewable materials.

You can wash this bolster by removing the outer cover from the pillow, machine washing on cold, and then tumble dry on low.


The pillows we have discussed above are some of the best on the market. Any of these will give you the much-needed support for yoga, and they are durable and long-lasting.

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